Q1 Update

Even in this tough economic climate we are seeing growing activity around office relocations as smaller companies are expanding and others simply relocating to improved office space.  We, at Panoptic Technology, are here to help guide and provide your full range of Telephony and IT requirements ensuring all services are up and running in time for your move date.  Let Panoptic Technology remove the pain and stress typically associated with trying to deal with the large Telco’s and also benefit from our extremely competitive pricing!

This month Panoptic Technology has successfully project managed an office expansion and office relocation for two separate companies. Both were completed within agreed time lines allowing our Clients to continue to run their day to day business’ seamlessly without any problems.


  • Installation of 100Mb Dedicated Internet Access
  • Supply of Comms Equipment (Cab, PoE Switch…)
  • Provision of Intermediary Internet Access
  • Relocation of 40 Users across IP Hosted Platform


  • Project Management of Office Move
  • Simultaneous Relocation of numbers
  • A 25Mb internet connection and a 10Mb internet backup installation
  • Critical Voice Services to Trading Floor

Our approach is different to other service providers – we aim to work in partnership with you. In our experience there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We work to understand your specific requirements and then apply our knowledge and experience to ensure the right technology is put in place for your business. Integral to our partnership approach is our belief in offering the same top class service levels to all businesses regardless of size. Through the unique combination of our technology, experience and service we aim to help your business succeed.

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